Fifth Harmony Prepping A 'Fun,' 'Getting Ready To Go Out' Album

1D producer Julian Bunetta opens up to MTV News about working with the former 'X Factor' girl group on their debut album.

Fifth Harmony are ready to put their pipes to work. The "X Factor" girl group is hard at work on their debut album, and lucky for them, they're in good hands of One Direction producer Julian Bunetta.

"Well hopefully [it will] be the opposite side of the coin, the female side of the coin from the 1D boys, which would be great. It's five amazingly talented, beautiful girls that I love to death and they're great singers," said Bunetta, who is executive producing the fierce fivesome's Syco Music debut. "And I worked with them on the show. I'm getting to executive produce their album and so I'm trying to reach out to all the best songwriters and producers in the business and make an album that girls can have a lot of fun to.

"I would hope that every girl would just put it on, when they're getting ready to go out or when they're in their car going somewhere and they just want to have a great time," he told MTV News. "That's what I want this album to be."

With so many girl groups breaking these days, including the Saturdays and Little Mix, now is as good a time as any for Fifth Harmony to make their mark in the world of pop. And while Bunetta is certainly looking at some classic girl groups for inspiration, he promises that the 5H album will be all their own.

"I mean I'm trying to learn lessons from all of them, but I'm also trying to make sure that Fifth Harmony has their own identity and doesn't sound like they're trying to copy another girl group," he said. "Because they're special, special girls and they all have great individual personalities. So I want to make sure that they can stand out on their own amongst all the great girl groups with their own sound and their own point of view, their own special vibe."

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