Kelly Clarkson Feels 'Bullied' By Clive Davis In Memoir

'Idol' alum accuses Davis of spreading false rumors in his autobiography 'The Soundtrack of My Life.'

Clive Davis is clearly holding nothing back with his autobiography, "The Soundtrack of My Life." The music mogul opens up about his bisexuality, his early childhood and behind-the-scenes stories of some of music's elite, including Whitney Houston.

And while some may be surprised of what they learn when turning the pages of the 500-page book, no one was more shocked than Kelly Clarkson, who took to her blog to say that she has been "bullied" by Davis' false claims.

Davis and Simon Fuller signed Clarkson to RCA Records after she won the first season of "American Idol." In his autobiography, he claims that Clarkson burst into "hysterical sobbing" after he forced her to include her massive single "Since U Been Gone" on her 2004 Breakaway album. But Clarkson says that story couldn't be further from the truth.

"His stories and songs are mixed up. I did want more guitars added to the original demo and Clive did not..." Clarkson wrote. "But, yes, I did cry in his office once. I cried after I played him a song I had written about my life called 'Because Of You.' I cried because he hated it and told me verbatim that I was a 'sh--ty writer who should be grateful for the gifts that he bestows upon me.' He continued on about how the song didn't rhyme and how I should just shut up and sing. This was devastating coming from a man who I, as a young girl, considered a musical hero and was so honored to work with. But I continued to fight for the song and the label relented. And it became a worldwide hit. He didn't include that in the book."

Their differences didn't end there. In 2007, it was publically acknowledged that the two didn't see eye to eye after Clarkson took creative control for her third album My December. After saying in the press that she was "not a fan" of the music executive, she later cleared up the rumors of their relationship.

But Davis recalls in his autobiography that he didn't feel that Clarkson, who recently won her third Grammy, co-penned any hit material on her third album My December, calling it a "pop album that still needs pop hits."

After maintaining that she co-wrote "many" of her pop hits and that My December went platinum, Clarkson added that Davis left out a key component to that part of the story that may have tarnished their professional relationship.

"He doesn't mention how he stood up in front of his company at a convention and belittled me and my music and completely sabotaged the entire project," Clarkson recalled. "It never had a chance to reach its full potential. My December was an album I needed to make for myself for many reasons and the fact that I was so completely disregarded and disrespected was so disheartening, there really aren't words to explain."

Clarkson concludes the open letter by declaring her love for her music, her label and the professional relationships that she currently has, and then added that she is "grateful for Clive for teaching me to know the difference."

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