Mindless Behavior's Next Album Is For Fans 'All Around The World'

Group talks about how traveling the globe helped them 'mature a lot' on their upcoming album.

They may have been searching for their #1 Girl with their last album, but this time around Mindless Behavior have decided to keep her on the low.

Their new upbeat dance track, "Keep Her on the Low," promises not to tarnish their good-guy image, because contrary to belief, this song is not about dating two girls at once.

"It's pretty much me and the boys. We're 16, 17, so it's like, if we are talking to a girl we just want to keep her on the low," Prodigy explained to MTV News during "Valentine's Day Live with Mindless Behavior."

Ray Ray added, "That's our personal lives and we don't want to get it mixed into the business so we just keep it on the low to ourselves."

While they did reveal that they have girls they keep in touch with, they are single, and it might be that way for a little while since their schedules seem to be jam-packed. Next month, Mindless Behavior will release not only their documentary, "Mindless Behavior: All Around the World," but their second album as well.

"The first one, we were looking for our #1 girls, so everything we did was based around that, even the tour," Princeton said of their debut album. "And since we went overseas and we're more experienced, we named it All Around the World and we're hoping to reach fans all around the world."

And it seems the adventures that they've experienced while traveling will be translated into their new music.

"Basically you get to travel the world and you mature a lot because you get to experience a lot of things," Ray Ray said. "So this album you can relate to it a lot more because we have more to talk about."

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