Demi Lovato Goes 'Rocker Chic' For 'Heart Attack' Video

She tells MTV News her new clip will be 'fashion-based' and 'performance-based.'

Demi Lovato may or may not return to "X Factor," but she is definitely gearing up for her big return to music.

On March 4, new single "Heart Attack" drops, and in the song's video, the ever-evolving 20-year-old said she won't look anything like the Demi Lovato fans have seen before.

"I think the image of the video, I'm taking on a different look this time around," she told MTV News last week. "I feel like I have my own thing going, like rocker-chic sophisticated, just a different kind of fashion style this time around."

Lovato is looking forward to meshing her new look with her new music. "It's incredible that I get to incorporate that with my music, and it coincides," she said. "But a lot of the music video, I think, is going to be fashion-based but also performance-based. I really just like to rock out, especially in music videos when I can just have so many times where I can perform."

On "Heart Attack," the lead single from Lovato's yet-untitled new album, she opens up about love. "The title is just about falling in love and taking that risk," she said. "But she's terrified, and by 'she,' I mean me. But I think everyone comes to a point where they feel very vulnerable in falling in love, and that's what I'm talking about."

Lovato's new release will be the follow-up to 2011's Unbroken, which she released the same year she spent time in treatment for emotional and physical issues.

"For a while, I could tell that when people would talk to me, they knew my story. I think I've opened up more on this album. My life began to evolve and I started to grow," she explained about this new album. "These are songs about the celebration of life and how rewarding it can be. This is what this album is about."

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