Fergie, Josh Duhamel Confirm Baby On The Way

'#MyLovelyBabyBump,' the 'Safe Haven' actor wrote about starting a family with Fergie.

Cue all those lady lumps jokes. Fergie and Josh Duhamel have confirmed that they are expecting their first baby.

Both the Black Eyed Peas frontwoman and the "Safe Haven" actor confirmed the news on social media, including a photo of each of them as kids. He wrote, "Fergie and Me and BABY makes three. #MyLovelyBabyBump." And she mirrored his sentiment with "Josh & Me & BABY makes three!!!"

The couple married in January 2009 and the confirmation comes after years of speculation about Fergie's maybe baby bump. In fact, when Fergie spoke to MTV News in March 2012, she shared that a baby wasn't in the cards just yet, but more time with her hubby definitely was. "It's not happening yet, I can tell you that definitely," she told us. "But we want to have a family, so that is in the cards, but it's just not this second."

In October 2010, Duhamel revealed that Fergie has the potential to become more parental, once she spends more time with kids. Fergie "[is] not afraid of children; she just hasn't had as much experience with little ones. She's great with kids when they grow up a little bit more, when she can interact with them," he said.

But, his "Life As We Know It" co-star Katherine Heigl noted that Josh is great with kids. "Oh my God! The best of the best! He's fantastic," Heigl said at the time. "He's really good with children. They sort of flocked to him. I think it's a pheromone thing. I think he puts off, like, a chocolate-cookie scent to children. They love him."

This past weekend Duhamel showed off that loving side in the Nicholas Sparks adaptation, "Safe Haven." When he spoke to us about the film, he broke down the process to a perfect smolder.

"Lots and lots of rehearsal in the mirror," Duhamel said. "Tape recording my voice into a tape recorder. Playing it back. 'Hmm, not quite smoldery enough.' I'd do it again until I'm ready for Nicholas Sparks, and that was the extent of my preparation for this film. Lots of vanity."

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