Chris Brown Wants To Go Back 'Home' On New Track

Breezy wishes for the simpler days on new song and video, which is packed with Carpe Diem Tour footage.

Sometimes, when life gets as crazy as it's been for Chris Brown, it's best to press the reset button. And while Breezy can't fix or undo the past, his latest "docu-video" for "Home,", visually takes the embattled singer back to when things were much simpler, before the pitfalls of social media, when the only thing that mattered was his love and dedication to his music.

The three-minute clip begins with a montage of the singer's preparations — complete with pirouettes and flips — for his whirlwind Carpe Diem Tour abroad, which hit exotic locales like Amsterdam, Germany and Dubai to support his Grammy-nominated opus, Fortune. We see intimate moments with his entourage and, of course, interactions with shrieking, fleet-footed fans rushing the turnstiles for an up close and personal view of the Chris Brown experience.

Chris Brown is hard at work on 2013 album!

On the nostalgic track, perhaps a single from his forthcoming sixth studio album, the platinum-selling singer croons, "Wish I could go back to when I was young/ Wish I could go back from where I came from," setting the tone for his desire to bring that old R&B sound back to the forefront.

"A lot of the music nowadays, I love it, but it's very gimmicky. Even some of my music is gimmicky," Brown said before the Grammys. "But I just want to go back to the real music — a lot of instruments, the real band, essence of being able to perform and be an entertainer."

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