The Saturdays Find Watching Their Reality Show 'Nerve-Racking'

E! stars break down to MTV News what it was like having cameras surround them for three months.

For weeks now, fans have been "Chasing The Saturdays," as the U.K. girl group The Saturdays embark on some West Coast escapades on their E! reality show.

The show has allowed the chart-toppers to show off who they are, and in the process, drama and laughs have ensued. While the fivesome knew they had to get real for the cameras, the prospect of watching back the series posed a very "nerve-racking" experience for them.

"For us, we got so comfortable whilst we were filming it 'cause we were filming it for three months, and we've actually only seen half of the episodes back," Mollie King explained to MTV News when they stopped by the newsroom last month. "So god knows what else is in the rest of them, so it might be a little nerve-racking for us five to watch them back."

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And, if you think the "What About Us" singers altered their personalities in any way for TV purposes, you better think again. They wanted to show their fans the "family" that is The Saturdays. "It's really nice to see for all the fans and people that don't know us to see we do generally get on what they said was a really nice thing that's come out of," Frankie Sandford said.

Soon, the ladies will be network mates with another act from across the pond. And, soon-to-be E! stars The Wanted, might want to pay some close attention to some of these wise words from the ladies about letting your reality out into the world.

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"I think it's always a bit scary, first of all, and that's something we were really worried about," Vanessa White explained. "But we decided if we are going to do a reality show, we wanted it to be as real as it can be, and we're gonna have to let the cameras into our lives. Everyone has their moments and you have to roll with it."

Una Healy added, "We're very lucky to do what we do. We just love it so much."

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