Which Mindless Behavior Member Snores The Loudest? Watch Here!

Boy band reveals who forgets the lyrics onstage and more secrets.

The boys of Mindless Behavior haven't spent much time apart since they formed back in 2008. Since then, the teenagers have been hard at work on their sophomore album, All Around the World, dropping the video for their first single, "Keep Her on the Low," and premiering their new documentary. That's a lot of bonding time!

Team Mindless saw just how close these four really are when MB stopped by the MTV Newsroom on Thursday for "Valentine's Day Live with Mindless Behavior." MTV News got deep in their secrets when we asked the guys to answer some revealing questions, like, "Who forgets lyrics the most?"

If you're Roc Royal, it happens more times than he might want to admit.

"I almost forgot some lyrics just now," Roc Royal said, still sweaty from performing two songs, "All Around the World" and "Keep Her On The Low."

Yet, if these guys aren't onstage, they just might be on the tour bus, where they admit that it's hard to get some sleep after a long day, since Ray Ray has been accused of being the one to snore the loudest. However, these guys won't be waking him up from his peaceful slumber because Ray Ray is also known as the prankster of the group.

"Roc was on the toilet and basically every time we have a dressing room at a venue they give us a fruit platter and a candy platter," Ray Ray said of one of his best pranks. "I put the candy in the fruit platter, went on the other side of the toilet and dumped it on him."

To find out which other prank tops Ray Ray's list and to see which Mindless member cries during a movie, watch the video.

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