French Montana Has Decade's Best Album: That's 'Clear'

'Every time I play the album for anybody, they love it,' French says on 'RapFix Live.'

French Montana's debut album Excuse My French will contain plenty of what the Bronx rapper describes as "ignorant music" (for the kids), and with that said, he's also standing by his statement that it will be the best album of the decade.

French joined Pusha T in Brooklyn last month to film a music video for "Doesn't Matter," and while on the set, he was flabbergasted by the thought that people would even question the quality of his LP.

"I don't understand what people want me to say. I know my work," he said confidently. "I know that I'm the hottest in the game with no album out. Let's get that clear."

During his recent visit to "RapFix Live" on Wednesday, French stood by that.

"When Muhammad Ali stepped in the ring, he knew what he was doing. I feel like [I'm just] breathing a breath of fresh air in the game, just bringing a different sound," he said. "Every time I play [the album] for anybody, they love it."

In terms of album's content, French explained that he was making exactly what the kids want to hear. "I make ignorant music," he declared. "I grew up in an ignorant generation, so that's what they wanna hear now, the 'Ocho Cincos' — they know everything word by word."

"Freaks" is the brand-new single from Excuse My French, featuring Nicki Minaj. They plan to shoot a video for the song in Los Angeles on February 18. The Bad Boy rapper explained that a little single switcheroo is the reason for his album delay.

"The pushback is 'cause I switched the single," he said. "There was another single with Puff and Jeremih, but me and Nicki had this other song, so I just switched it. Then with clearances [there was a delay] wasn't about the album; it was about me switching the single."

With all this talk of dropping the best album of the decade, "RapFix Live" host Sway wanted to know if French saw himself ushering in a new era of rap for the Big Apple.

"You can never act like you're bringing New York back," he said. "I don't ever feel like that; I just feel like that we're making good music."

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