Will Paramore Play Entire New Album On Tour?

Band teases 'new stuff' on set list for U.S. tour, kicking off in April.

Paramore have officially kicked off the tour in support of their self-titled album with a handful of shows in Southeast Asia, but they won't grace stages in the U.S. until April, when they launch their first North American trek in nearly three years.

And though those dates are still a ways off, the band is already prepping the set list ... and guitarist Taylor York wanted fans to know, simply: "We'll play new stuff."

Of course, even Paramore aren't sure how many new songs will make the cut — though rousing first single "Now" is a sure bet — and really, they're putting that decision off for as long as possible; after all, it'll be a tough one for sure.

"We haven't rehearsed for that tour yet but I hope [we'll play new songs]," frontwoman Hayley Williams said. "Obviously 'Now' [will be featured], and since we wrote it I've been ready to hear fans sing that chorus, it's going to be awesome. But I like all of [the new songs], it's going to be hard cutting down the set list."

Then again, there is one way to avoid having to cut new songs from their set: Just play their self-titled album in its entirety. And while that option remains a long shot, hey, Paramore are open to the idea ... after all, they've already done it once before.

"I would do that! We did do that once, on All We Know Is Falling," Williams laughed. "A band had to cancel and we were like 'We don't have enough songs!' so we just did the whole album."

What songs are you hoping to hear on Paramore's tour? Let us know your setlist in the comments below!