Mindless Behavior Woo Valentines With Moonwalking And Hugs: Watch!

The foursome stopped by MTV News for 'Valentine's Day Live with Mindless Behavior.'

Mindless Behavior made every fan their Valentine's girl on Thursday (February 14) when the lively, smooth-movin' teens took over MTV's newsroom for a special performance and interview. And they also showed an exclusive clip from their upcoming documentary. Better than candy? We think so.

Roc Royal, Princeton, Prodigy and Ray Ray had a lot to say when they sat down for "Valentine's Day Live with Mindless Behavior," including voice-changes, romance and, uh, toe-gnawing. Don't ask.

But before they talked about that... and their new album, All Around the World, MB showed off their dance skills, something the group teased when MTV News visited their music video's set. The guys pop-locked, moonwalked and flowed between two screaming walls of fans (all within 10 feet of space — Props!). They performed "All Around the World" and bumped straight into "Keep Her on the Low," the video for which premiered Tuesday.

"If we talkin' to a girl, we just wanna keep her on the low," Prodigy told MTV News after the energetic performance. "We wanna keep her to ourselves."

The newsroom filled with squeals, which seemed appropriate for V-Day. But Feb. the 14th doesn't necessarily have any special meaning for the foursome.

"Who needs Valentine's Day when you have like 30 fans here?" Princeton said, swiveling in his seat to face the girls behind him, basking in their cries.

The boys played Truth or Dare and picked their favorite vacations that fans proposed in a "Getaway Game." One girl even got a hug!

Those who weren't as lucky to make it to the NYC interview still had a chance to interact with Mindless Behavior by asking Twitter questions. Fans from the audience asked questions too, like, "What's the most interesting dream you've had?" Princeton's been chased in underwear, and Prodigy has found a golden toilet. Luckily, he woke up before anything happened!

And MB, clad in black suits and skinny ties, answered questions about each other. Who cries during movies? Who pulls the best pranks? Who forgets the lyrics the most? Who's the clean freak? To find out the answers (if you don't already know), check out "Valentine's Day Live with Mindless Behavior"!

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