Lil Wayne's 'Love Me' Video: Where The Wild Things Are

Dark clip finds Weezy in a floating bed surrounded by three women.

When Lil Wayne promises you a "bedroom full of water and three women,"
 you can be pretty sure he's not exaggerating.

And he wasn't, based on the evidence he dropped on Valentine's Day in his "Love Me"

The Hannah Lux Davis-directed clip is a kind of post-apocalyptic male fantasy, featuring lingerie-clad hotties swinging on a swing set, and the aforementioned three young ladies giving Wayne, and each other, backrubs in an ornate, flooded bedroom.

"The water was cold and they were all over me and I had my shirt off so I'll probably have pneumonia by the end of this interview, but it's all good. I ain't trippin'," Weezy told MTV News last month during the Hollywood shoot for the video, which he said was beautiful, but also a bit painful.

The latest single from Tunechi's upcoming I Am Not a Human Being II features Drake and Future and Wayne in what the Young Money boss described as an attempt to just "create awesome scenery."

Scenes of Wayne doing his thing in front of solid-colored backgrounds mix with S&M-style shots of women in face nets and Future dropping his verse amid a forest of snake-tongued models in metal cages. At one point, Weezy's eyes turn a ghostly shade of white and he pulls off a wicked skateboard jump over a bombed-out car.

Sprinkle in the odd bit of straight razor licking, some reptilian women with horns, scales and animal print markings on their faces, including one with what appears to be a butterfly stuck to her eyebrow, and you have the makings of a hip-hop take on "True Blood."

Speaking of the red stuff, by clip's end there is a NSFW-bit where two women covered in crimson paint (or blood, we're not sure), are crawling around in a white bathroom with a tub nearly overflowing with B+, which they proceed to wipe all over the walls.

What does it all mean? We're not sure, but if you show it to your honey for Valentine's Day to get her in the mood, make sure you get a box of chocolates or something, too.

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