Celebs Relive First Kisses... 'Washing Machine' Tongues And All

Jenny McCarthy, Jenna Elfman, Jewel remember the good and bad in Valentine's Day smooches.

Without a doubt, a first kiss or two will go down this Valentine's Day. And, in honor of the momentous occasion, we here at MTV News got some of funniest and most talented ladies in show business to recall their first kisses. And, it seems that some have fonder memories of that smooch than others.

"I do remember my first kiss," Jewel shared. "It was in a hay barn, of all cliches. I'm trying to remember his name, AC or something like that. No, is anybody's first kiss good? I don't think so; it's awful. It's a horrible sea urchin experience of exploratory tongues and it's just not fun."

Much like Jewel, Jenny McCarthy can't claim that first kiss as her all-time best. She said, "I do remember my first kiss. It was Gary Manzo, which is also my password on everything, by the way. He was four inches shorter than me and the worst kisser ever. He just did this washing machine thing with his tongue. And I remember running home and brushing my teeth 100 times and then crying on my porch saying 'I'd never do that again ever.' "

"1600 Penn" star Jenna Elfman not only recently received some dating advice from President Obama, but also really actually loved her first kiss, recalling it with a smile on her face.

"Oh god, I'll never forget it. It was in a park," she said. "It was with a guy named David and I was in high school and I lied to my mom about what movie I was gonna go see, or that I was even going to the movies. And then we ended up at a park, at a park picnic table and then tongues started happening. And all I could think of was 'Is this what you do?' But it was really fun."

And for anyone looking for any advice on how to get to first-kiss status, we asked some of the most romantic fellas in music to offer up their most romantic song choices. Lawson lead singer, Andy Brown, has some musical suggestions for you to soundtrack your first kiss, or more, to. "I was gonna go more Motown, I'm thinking Marvin Gaye," he said. "Or maybe Al Green, Barry White. John Mayer's a good one. That is love making music, John Mayer."

What was your first kiss like? Tell us in the comments!