The Strokes Ditch The Synths, Get Dirty On 'All The Time'

First single off the band's Comedown Machine album finds them exploring their lo-fi past.

Good news for any Strokes fans mystified and/or troubled by the synth-y leanings of "One Way Trigger:" They are not becoming A-Ha ... at least not entirely.

How can we be sure? Because they've just premiered a brand new song, "All The Time," on their official site ... and there isn't a single synthesizer to be heard. Instead, with is rolling bassline, fuzzy guitars and Julian Casablancas' signature yowl — not to mention crackling lo-fi sensibilities — it's basically everything we've come to love about them over the past decade.

"All The Time" is the first single off the Strokes' upcoming Comedown Machine album (due March 26), and was first mentioned back in January by Seattle radio station 107.7 The End. Of course, the first song folks actually got to hear from the album was "Trigger," which not only led to some confusion, but a fair amount of debate from the band's fans, some of whom feared the Strokes would be heading into shaky ground on the follow-up to 2011's Angles.

The band began writing songs for Machine soon after completing Angles, in an attempt to "not lose momentum by taking time off and then having to reboot" (as they told Rolling Stone last summer).

"We're kind of doing the same thing as the last record, we're bringing in parts and ideas and kind of just working on those and trying to make sense of them, coming from five different people," bassist Nikolai Fraiture said. "If we could [finish the album] tomorrow, that'd be great. But [it will be finished] as soon as possible, I think.

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