Anti-Valentine's Day Playlist: Tracks For Riding Solo

Whether you're nursing breakup wounds or happily commitment-free, here's the perfect playlist for going stag on February 14.

With Valentine's Day upon us, single people everywhere are perfecting their "Aw, how sweets" and practicing their eyerolls. But February 14 doesn't have to be a pity party for those riding solo. In fact, it serves as a perfectly sound excuse to get rowdy on a weeknight. And we've composed the perfect playlist to fuel your Anti-Valentine's Day.

"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," Taylor Swift

The very name Taylor Swift has become almost synonymous her many, many ex-boyfriends, and her tendency to use them as kindle for fiery breakup tracks. Perhaps the catchiest kiss-off ever — "like, ever" — the Grammy-nominated "Never Ever" might be Swift's most badass breakup tune yet. That's because, instead of relying on the somber regret of "Back to December" or the self-pity of "Dear John," Swift makes no apologies and assures that she and her ex are never ever ever linking up again. For anyone still trying to shake off a sticky ex, blast this track and yell like crazy.

"Blow Me (One Last Kiss)," Pink

If there is anyone who knows the art of the kiss-off, it's Pink. And on this one last kiss-off, Alecia Moore gives step-by-step instructions for the an ex-girlfriend on the prowl: "I'll dress nice; I'll look good; I'll go dancing alone/ I will laugh; I'll get drunk; I'll take somebody home." We can feel the morning-after headache already.

"Somebody That I Used to Know," Gotye

If your breakup is still too raw for a rebound, perhaps this why'd-you-have-to-go-and-do-that pop ballad is perfect for downing a bottle of Moscato and trolling through Facebook photos of your now insignificant other. But take this road with severe caution. It could get ugly.

"How Come You Don't Want Me," Tegan and Sara

The lyrics may border on self-pity — "Why don't you want to win me now? Why don't you want to show me off?" — but the energy of "How Come You Don't Want Me," fresh off Tegan and Sara's January release, Heartthrob, is far from sulking. In fact, for a track about love lost, it's surprisingly buoyant. Even if she isn't completely over him, she makes it clear to her ex that someday she "won't be the one who waits for you," and he'll be sorry. For anyone still in the slump of a split-up, this track's for you.

Any Robyn Song Ever

Seriously, just pick one. 2010's Body Talk was penned for every single girl (or guy) out there, be they happily or woefully so. For the aspiring homewrecker, there's the unapologetically forward "Call Your Girlfriend," a plea — or rather, an order — to a guy to call it quits with his girlfriend, because, simply, "you just met somebody new/ And now it's gonna be me and you." For the less forward, there's "Dancing On My Own," an empowering, dance-inducing take on unrequited love. "I'm giving it all, but I'm not the girl you're taking home/ I keep dancing on my own." Dance on.

"Rolling in the Deep," Adele

Adele's renowned 21 album was in essence a breakup tale put music — at times empowering, at other times tragic. "Rolling in the Deep," MTV's Song of 2011, is a stirring blend of both. Sure it's sad, but it's also boiling with anger. For anyone who's had an ex take their heart and "play it to the beat," Adele has the perfectly furious track for you.

"Ridin' Solo," Jason Derulo

Because then you have an excuse to wear a white jean jacket bedazzled with spikes. And who doesn't want that?

What tracks are on your anti-Valentine's Day playlist? Sound off in the comments below!