Black Keys Tap Danger Mouse, John Stamos For El Camino Follow-Up

Black Keys joke Stamos will be 'performing the drums' on their new album, due later this year.

Though Black Keys' drummer Patrick Carney may currently be drawing the ire of True Beliebers for daring to suggest Justin Bieber should be okay with being a hugely successful pop star, he's not letting any of that drama stand in the way of continuing work on a brand-new Keys album.

See, before he was inundated by a maelstrom of grammatically adventurous hate-tweets from Bieber supporters — and before the Keys walked away with an armload of Grammys — Carney gave MTV News a progress report on the follow-up to the band's breakout El Camino album ... and, from the sound of things, this time, the dynamic duo are truly reaching for the stars.

"We're working with John Stamos," Carney said. "He's actually performing the drums on our album."

Good choice. After all, Uncle Jesse is quite the kitsmith. And aside from Stamos, the Keys will also be re-teaming with frequent collaborator Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton on their new album, though to be honest, they're not sure how heavily they'll rely on him this time out. After all, it's still pretty early in the process.

"We are going to get in the studio with him but we've been working for the past month [it's] just [been] the two of us," Keys frontman Dan Auerbach said. "[The songs are just] sketches. We won't know for another month, I don't think, honestly."

"We're basically going to make this record more like we made Brothers, where we had some help from Brian but we did a lot of it on our own," Carney added. "We're just going to play it by ear and when we do need help, we'll ask for Brian to come in and help us out. He's kind of our guy."

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