Mindless Behavior Get Spy Game On For 'Keep Her' Vid

The dancing foursome drops new spy-themed video Tuesday.

Mindless Behavior are on their suit and tie game in their brand-new video for "Keep Her on the Low." The boy band dropped their latest visual on Tuesday, and in it, the guys imagine themselves as secret agents on a mission to get to the party.

The video follows the dancing dudes in an abandoned warehouse after getting marching orders to put together a secret performance for their fans — with only five minutes to do it — kicking off the "MB Takeover." All suited up, they begin their mission not-so impossible.

They meet up with some ladies, run up stairs, outsmart some security lasers and eventually make it to the roof, where they hook up with their backup dancers and stream their secret performance for all their excited fans to see. Mission accomplished.

"This video we want to show our dancing aspect of what we can do," group member Princeton told MTV News on the set of the clip, which features lots of popping and locking from the foursome. "Since we're agents in the video, and it's our new teen revolution movement, in the beginning of the video we walk into this abandoned warehouse and we find this briefcase. And when we open it, it's our agent manager Walter and he's giving us these tasks to accomplish. And, it leads up to us dancing and having a party on a roof."

The release is the first single off their sophomore album, All Around The World, and these young men in black insist that they are growing up sonically on this next release.

"I think each of our albums have a concept and the first album was finding our #1 girls," Princeton explained. "And now that we've traveled around the world, the second album, the concept is trying to get not just girls, but boys and adults but everybody, to follow our teen revolution. And we're looking for all of our fans all around the world so that's our movement."

All Around The World hits the streets on Tuesday, March 12, followed by the documentary "Mindless Behavior: All Around the World" days later on March 15.

"We definitely experienced more," Princeton said of this next phase of their career. "We got to see what the fans liked and how we all related when we got back into the studio. It was just record after record, we related to them all."

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