Taylor Swift's Never Yelled At Exes. 'Ever.'

Grammy performer Swift opens up to Elle magazine about self-therapy and boy-chasing.

She may write revealing songs, sing about boys and possibly poke fun at them during Grammy performances, but one thing Taylor Swift won't do is run after guys.

"I'm sure if I looked up the latest Google Alerts rumor it would say I'm chasing somebody who doesn't like me as much as I like him — people love that angle on me," said Swift, who graces the March cover of Elle in a spring-inspired '60s Louis Vuitton dress. "They're like 'Oh Taylor, coming on too strong again, chasing boys.' I never chase boys. They don't like it!"

Boys may not like the chase, but they also may not like the fact that some of Swift's most famous songs are about her equally famous exes, but that's not something she is going to give up anytime soon.

"To me, it's just writing songs the way I always have. It's me sitting on my bed feeling pain I didn't understand, writing a song, and understanding it better," Swift said. "If people want to dissect the lyrics, that's their right, but it's all coming from the exact same place as where I started. It's just something I do to feel better."

Taylor's Grammy show looked a tad like Britney's "Circus," no?

Now many fans speculated if Swift made a slight jab at former flame Harry Styles during her Grammy Awards performance of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," saying she slipped into a British accent during the spoken-word bridge. While we may never know if it was an intentional dig at Styles, one thing we do know is that Swift doesn't usually like to make a scene when it comes to an ex.

"I don't think I've ever yelled at an ex-boyfriend. Ever. I'm not a yeller. I'm not a fit thrower," Swift revealed. "If something is done, it's done."

Check out Swift's entire interview with Elle magazine when it hits newsstands on February 19.