Rihanna And 2 Chainz's Cape Rule Grammy Red Carpet

A panel of fashion experts from MTV and VH1 weigh in on the hottest looks from Sunday night.

Glamour ruled the red carpet at the 2013 Grammy Awards on Sunday night. And despite a memo calling for no side boob and other indecent exposure, there were definitely plenty of red-carpet fashions that sizzled and sexed up the show.

VH1 correspondent Carrie Keagan, MTV Style editor Mary H.K. Choi and "House of Style" host Karlie Kloss huddled up after the red carpet to break down their highlights of the night.

"Rihanna looked so gorgeous, so chic, with the red lips," Kloss said of RiRi's Azzadine Alaia gown. "She blended right into the red carpet."

Rihanna, whose "We Found Love" won the Grammy for Best Short-Form Video on Sunday night, turned up the glamour full-throttle and embraced one of the hot trends of the night. "We saw a lot of classic old glamour, Hollywood trains, and Rihanna had a really, really long train on her red dress," Choi observed. "There was a lot of old, classic glamour."

"I thought she looked so soft and relaxed, which is something we haven't seen, because she was doing that hard Rihanna thing for a long time," Keagan added.

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While Rihanna dazzled in red, Florence Welch stunned in emerald, thanks to her studded Givenchy gown that left our panel in awe. "I, for one, think that Florence was — the purse and the shoes all were seamless," Keagan said.

Choi was dazzled by the "conical ridges" on Flo's dress, adding, "It was gorgeous. It was wonderful."

Kelly Rowland really defied the side-boob memo in her sheer Georges Chakra Couture dress, which put her fit figure on display. And what fans watching at home may not realize is that Rowland's look was a full-sensory experience. "She smelled really good," Kloss revealed.

Wondering what she may have spritzed on before the show? Well, that will remain a mystery. "Here's the best part about that," Keagen said. "Not only did she smell good, but she wouldn't tell us what she was wearing 'cause she's like, 'I don't want anybody else to know what I'm wearing!' That way they can't steal her scent."

The guys also stepped up their fashion game. "Can we talk about the menswear?" Choi said. "I found that really fascinating. Everyone rocked a classic tuxedo."

"That's kind of classy and sexy for a guy to keep it chic," Kloss added.

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But no guy went quite as all-out as 2 Chainz did, swagged out in Versace and a cape for his Grammy night look. "You guys want to talk about classic, he's, like, classic and then wearing a cape!" Keagan laughed.

Choi also loved the eccentric look. "It was like classic to the point of medieval," she said. "It was such a look, it was great."

While there were many hits, there was also a miss or two. Grammy winner Adele stepped out of her fashion comfort zone in her red-and-black, floral-printed Valentino cocktail dress. "I mean, I love Adele, but I'm not sure about that print," Kloss said. "I feel like prints are hard to work with, and I think that she's gorgeous and so talented, it doesn't matter what she's wearing."

Choi said she only didn't like Alicia Keys' look because she didn't get to see enough of it on the red carpet. "You know what I didn't like?" she said. "The fact that Alicia Keys was wearing custom Azzadine Alaia and she didn't do the red carpet, she just like zipped right by — that dress!"

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