Justin Bieber Fans Blame 'Bieber Fever' For Frying Live Stream

After Sunday's live-stream crash, loyal followers gush over new 'You Want Me' track.

While most of the music community gathered in L.A. for the 2013 Grammy Awards on Sunday night, Justin Bieber staged a bit of counter-programming. While the 18-year-old didn't score any Grammy nods this year, he decided to win back the night with his Bieber-themed live stream, during which he was going to chat with fans and give them some new music.

However, all didn't go according to plan. And after attempting to get the fan Q&A off the ground, the live stream never actually happened. But, Bieber didn't disappoint his fans. He did gift them with an apology video and a brand-new track, "You Want Me." That consolation prize seemed to please all the Beliebers of the world.

"I loved it but of course, I love everything Justin does," ErinLauver wrote on MTV News' article about the song premiere. "Most fans were not disappointed last night. He spent 2 and a half hours trying for us and that means a lot to us. I loved the video he did post."

"Justin doesn't break promises,"fan ‏@bieber_msfts4. "If he does he repays us."

Other fans credited the crash to the power of Bieber's fans. '' 'ustream is over capacity' 'twitcam is over capacity' 'twitter is overcapacity' this is bieber fever," @boyliebersex wrote. Other fans seemed to follow in that sentiment.

‏@KidrauhlBeDope tweeted, "Congratulations Justin Bieber you and your fans have successfully crashed Twitcam, Ustream, and Telly #power."


Like all Bieber loyalists, ‏@praisinkidrauhl seemed almost proud that Bieber's fans are dedicated enough to crash the Internet. "TWITCAM CRASHED. USTREAM CRASHED AND TWITTER IS CRASHING," the fan wrote. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE POWER OF JUSTINBIEBER & BELIEBERS."

When he wasn't shutting it down, Bieber gave fans new music no less than two weeks after he dropped a brand-new album, Believe Acoustic. "You Want Me" is a mid-tempo R&B tune, switching fans' attention away from the live stream snafu and into the jam.

"The way Justin says 'Bieber' in the beginning of that new song is so cute," @ThatBieberWay wrote. That was hands down the part of the track for a number of Bieber's fans.

"The way Justin says 'its Justin....Bieber' in you want me is adorable omg," ‏@Nicole_JBRauhl tweeted. @allsbritt concurred, adding, "The best part of you want me is when justin laughs and he's like it's justin...bieber."

‏@DopeJustin added, "That little laugh Justin does at the beginning of You Want Me and the way he says, "It's Justin ..... Bieber" OH MY GOD."

The song's release wrapped up what had been a busy week for Bieber. The 18-year-old booked a number of high-profile gigs, track cameos and appearances to counter the Grammys.

@metrauhl wrote, "First we got *Lolly*, next Justin on Jimmy Fallon, then Bieber on SNL, and now *You want me.* This week has officially been perfect."

‏@JBSwagEver added, "#JustinIsTheBestIdolInTheWorld."