Estelle's Stand-Out Grammy Moments Belong To Justin Timberlake, Miguel

Grammy nominee may have lost to Usher but tells MTV News it was cool just to be 'invited to the party.'

The Grammy Awards are always a big party, bringing together artists from every genre. And Estelle was just one of the many revelers who attended the show on Sunday night. While she didn't end up going home with a trophy, she had a blast nonetheless.

MTV News was with the Grammy nominee the entire night, catching up with her from the moment she hit the red carpet until the second she left the venue to attend all the splashy parties.

"It was only my second time [at the Grammys], but it was kind of cool. It was just fun," she said shortly after walking the carpet to talk to the press. "I did [catch up with people]. I saw a bunch of not-artist friends. It was kind of cool."

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For her big night, the British singer opted for a Genelle Brooks x Love Collins gown. "No pressure," she explained about how she ended up going with the body-hugging black-and-peach-colored gown. "The thing about the Grammys is I wear what I like. I wear what I feel and what makes me feel happy."

Once she did decide on the look, it was showtime. And with her Grammy nomination on the brain, she broke down for us what she was thinking as she walked the carpet. "Trying to remember all the brands that I'm wearing," she laughed. "Just being comfortable and cool. The main point of all these things is to have fun."

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By the time the show started, the "Thank You" singer was definitely having fun. "It's been pretty good. I've seen Wiz Khalifa perform. I saw Mumford & Sons. I saw Miguel," she said. "Justin Timberlake had to be my favorite performance. It was pretty amazing. He came out with 'Suit & Tie' and then he did ['Pusher Love Girl']. I loved it.

"It's cool. I think it's quite balanced. It's definitely a 'show,' " she added about the vibe inside the house. "I love looking at Nas present. I think he ages backwards, he's kind of Benjamin Button with it. Common ages backwards. It's amazing; they're all like amazing-looking guys, still."

While viewers get to see what's happening when the cameras are rolling, Estelle broke down what happens when the cameras aren't focused on the stars. "Everyone's walking around. [I was sitting] between Pusha T and 2 Chainz, so right next to Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest. It's a fantastic spot. Big Sean [was so much fun to hang out with]. It's cool to see him grow."

While Estelle lost Best R&B Performance to Usher's "Climax," she insists she just was happy to be there. "I think the thing you have to look at, you're invited to the party and you're here. I feel like it's not a bad average for every album I've got in the United States to be nominated for something off the album," she said. "So I'm excited and happy about that."

When it's said and done, the Timberlake and the Wiz/Miguel performances remained her top moments of the night. "I think watching Justin Timberlake perform. Also, watching Wiz Khalifa and Miguel just seeing 'Adorn,' that was amazing. That was incredible."

Once the show wrapped up, Estelle was off to perform at the official 2013 Grammy Awards After-Party and couldn't wait to let loose and have some more fun.

"Everyone wants to eat and drink and party after the Grammys," she laughed. "So we're gonna go onstage and have fun and party!"

So, how would she compare this Grammy experience to her first one? She said, "Fun, actually easier than the last time. Last time I came was my first time so it was a lot more nervousness and excitement so this was a lot more cool. It was kind of cool to come and just have it be an easy time."