Justin Bieber Pokes Fun At Scandals During ‘SNL’ Double Duty

One of pop singer's skits includes humorous apology for smoking weed.

Mid-week sickness and Nemo’s icy snow blanket weren’t enough to stop
Justin Bieber from tackling his bucket full of headlines when he served as host and musical guest on the latest type="content"id="1701624">episode of “Saturday Night Live.” Just as he had promised, the pop phenomenon turned Studio 8H into what he dubbed “the Justin Bieber
by poking fun at the rumors and controversies that have plagued his career, including his leaked did-he-or-didn’t-he weed photos. In case you missed it, check out our recap of Bieber’s “SNL”
episode below.

Serenading Whoopi Goldberg

In his opening monologue, Justin Bieber appears cool and calm, sharing
his desire to celebrate Black History Month and Valentine’s Day …
simultaneously. As he scours the audience for his lucky one, Justin
offers fans compliments and little known facts about historic African-American figures on bended knee. But with a bouquet of roses in hand, his search comes to a halt for none other than surprise guest Whoopi Goldberg. Unmoved by the intense jealousy of Beliebers all around the world, the comedian walks up to the center stage and is treated to a brief a cappella rendition of “One Less Lonely Girl.”

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Backstage Bieber Doubles

Bieber gets quick to the point with one of his first skits, in which the singer’s security rep proposes that they hire a group of look-alikes to control fan traffic. JB quickly trashes the decoy concept by emphasizing that the doubles don’t look like him, don’t possess his singing talents and definitely don’t move the way he moves. However, the Biebs does find one decoy who offers some resemblance. “That one over there kind of looks like me,” he tells his rep, at which point the look-alike walks before him and says, “Oh, it’s just me, Ellen [DeGeneres]. Sorry. I came backstage to say great job, Bieber.”

Justin Bieber as Pete DeFalco, Miley Cyrus’ Fan Club President

In addition to Whoopi Goldberg, Bieber’s episode also brought along
another famous face … sort of. During “The Miley Cyrus Show” sketch,
resident “SNL” Cyrus impersonator Vanessa Bayer welcomes her nerdy fan club president (played by the Biebs) to her show. DeFalco is stunned to meet the former Disney queen and says she’s much better than “that douche” Justin Bieber. “I also heard he got busted for smoking weed and that he’s really sorry about it and that people make mistakes and that he’s never going to do it again,” DeFalco says.

Valentine’s Day Message

This week’s “SNL” featured an abundance of teen-girl screams during
Justin’s sketches, but one segment seemed intended to leave his
Beliebers in a frenzy. In an ultra-romantic V-Day message, the singer
confesses that he has a special date planned for just the two of you.
Besides his ready-to-go champagne, roses and sexy dice, the pop star
is prepped for some one-on-one time with you. That is, if you’re also
comfortable with spending your time with a curly-haired middle-aged
man named Taco dressed in a heart-pattern onesie.

“Nothing Like Us”

After performing a stripped-down version of his hit “As Long as You
Love Me,” it was only fitting that the singer chose to follow up with
a new song off his Believe Acoustic LP. Backed by a single
piano, Justin wore his heart on his sleeve while crooning “Nothing Like Us,” his supposed
heartbreak ode to ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Bieber kept the number
simple as he belted the ballad into a swaying microphone that hung
above him. “Tell me, was it worth it?/ We were so perfect/ But baby I
just want you to see/ There’s nothing like us,” he sang.

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