Nemo Makes Grammy Weekend Less Glamorous For East Coast Celebs

'Jersey Shore' stars and fellow Northeast celebs brave the snow to update fans on the winter storm.

While Hollywood was prepping for Sunday night's Grammy awards (and enjoying sunny weather), celebrities on the East Coast were off to a bit less glamorous of a start on their weekend, courtesy of a not-so-little storm named Nemo. Parts of New England were blanketed with up to three feet of snow when the blizzard ripped through late Friday and early Saturday (February 9).

Even though thousands in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island were left without power, those in New York and New Jersey dodged Nemo's wrath with a modest 11 inches.

"Nemo didn't completely ruin the weekend," "Jersey Shore" star Snooki tweeted Saturday. The reality starlet took the blizzard as an opportunity to have a good old-fashioned snow day, even hopping behind fiance Jionni LaValle's wheels to snowboard on the street. In a video shared with her followers, Snooki manages to stay aboard for around 10 seconds before plummeting into the snow. "Lasted a good time!" Snooki wrote. "For a chick!"

Her "Shore" castmate Vinny Guadagnino, on the other hand, used Nemo as a perfectly good excuse do nothing but eat, as he evidently did during the devastating Hurricane Sandy. "Another storm aka another 10 lbs I'm going to gain," he tweeted.

When fellow MTV star Nev Schulman got stuck in the storm, the "Catfish" host did the only thing he thought appropriate: Document the whole thing. "I found #Nemo," Nev wrote on Friday, linking to a video of him braving the storm outside New York's Intercontinental Hotel.

Missy Elliott (and her puppy) also had no fear of Nemo. The singer used the opportunity to build a pretty impressive snowman. And Justin Bieber, who is in New York for his double-duty appearance as host and performer on "Saturday Night Live" kept his tweets mostly "SNL"-related, but did address Nemo on Friday with a simple "is it snowing yet?"