Grammy Best Dance Album Belongs To Kaskade Or Skrillex

Chicago electronic trio Krewella ready their debut album and wish two of their fellow EDM stars luck at Sunday night's award show.

Krewella don't mimic Swedish House Mafia, Sympho Nympho, Above & Beyond any other outfit in electronic music today. Singer-songwriter sisters Yasmine and Jahan Yousaf and producer Kris "Rain Man" Trindl exude a brazen, "live free or die" exuberance — set to a gamut of pulverizing electronica that embraces dubstep, progressive and electro house, and moombahton. Their frenzy is visible to anyone who has caught a Krew set, or peeped their regular "Krewlife" tour vids online.

In between taking "sock shots" (sucking on fresh pairs of socks soaked in alcohol), and heavy touring — on occasion alongside Benny Benassi among others — 'ella have built a loyal Krew of fans, and have dropped two successful EPs in their almost-two-year career. Their latest single, "Alive," has been a Sirius XM darling, and is fervently being added to terrestrial radio. Endearingly their surge in popularity recently has not yet set in.

"We wrote that one ("Alive") over a year ago," Yasmine explained when stopping by MTV this week. "It's a little weird that now — it's just all happening. It's very cool for us!"

"Our lives are moving so fast right now," Jahan added. "Every day is like, a show, or a promo day, that it hasn't really hit us yet. I think probably in the next month we are really going to start seeing the results of what's happening. Right now we are just so busy with making a full length album that we can't even pay attention to what's happening to, "Alive."

And come Sunday night's Grammy Awards telecast, the Chi-town trio have their favorites for Best Dance/Electronic album, and for good reason.

"Kaskade is from our hometown," Rain Man said. "We graduated from the same high school. Well, I went to that high school. [But] that's where they graduated."

"I think there is something about Kaskade's album that evoked emotion in every single song," Yasmine added.

The three commended Skrillex for his undeniable "innovation" and gave a salute to Steve Aoki as well. Kaskade, Steve Aoki, and Skrillex also face off against Chemical Brothers and deadmau5 for Best Dance/Electronica Album. But before jetting off to L.A., Krew did dish on their upcoming debut album, which has a whopping number of tracks that are all three-quarters done.

"The blueprints we have right now. We are just really stoked on," Jahan revealed. "It's completely different from the Play Hard EP."

"Now that we have a fanbase that's growing," she continued, "it's inspired us to tap into a more emotional side of us. It's not just sex and partying. It does have something deeper to it. So I think people should expect that from the album."