Miley Cyrus Gets 'Twisted,' Causes 'Pandemonium' With Lil Kim

Tiffany Foxx opens up to MTV News about recruiting Cyrus for her brand-new video for 'Twisted.'

Miley Cyrus has always thrown people for a loop when it comes to her look and artistic choices. So when she hit the set with Lil Kim and Tiffany Foxx to make an appearance in their video for Foxx's track "Twisted," her fans thought Miley was just being Miley.

However, when she showed up on the L.A. set last weekend, it surprised Foxx. "It was total pandemonium," she told MTV News about the shoot. "It was so much fun. Me and Kim, we decided to shoot it out in California. And Miley, you know, had been reaching out to Kim via Twitter. And then she reached out to me. And then long story short, she surprised me and came out to set. She said she wasn't going to be able to make it... so she surprised me and came and we had a great time."

While fans will have to wait until the official video drops, some footage from it has made its way online. In it, Cyrus (done up in a black tank top and striped leggings), Kim and Foxx sit around together bouncing to the track. And Foxx notes you should also expect a party in the U.S.A. once the video does get a release date.

"I'm excited about it, I'm so excited about it," she said. "It's basically about having a great time, being young, having fun, not taking things so seriously. And actually we ended up getting put out of the house, but it was cool. It was fun. Basically we were in the middle [of shooting]. I don't think it was supposed to be that many people. We ended up having a real live house party situation and the owner was not feeling it. And before we knew it, we were packing up moving out, but we were good. It was cool."

Miley has recently struck up friendships with hip-hop artists like Tyler, The Creator and Mac Miller, as well as producers like Da Internz, working with all of them on her 2013 album release. And, there's a reason she's been embraced by the genre. Foxx notes Miley is the type of person who can hang with anyone.

"It's crazy because she's so cool. She is so cool," she said. "It felt like I have been knowing her all my life. She's real sweet. She's down-to-earth. She doesn't take herself seriously. She came [in] like 'What's up? Where is my cameo? I made up a dance for it. Like, she was so cool."

The track is featured on Foxx's Yellow Tape mixtape, and the video will also include an appearance from Lil Mama. Given Kim's many interesting entries into the world of music videos, Foxx said that working with Kim on it was a real learning experience for the up-and-comer.

"She is so adorable. She definitely has set the standard and set the bar high for videos and high fashion, but she is like a live baby doll," she said. "She is so sweet. She is the nicest person I've met in my life. She's nice, she's very talented and I just adore her to death."