Fun. Owe It All To Grammy Fave 'We Are Young'

'It's amazing everything that's happened because of that song, and, honestly, we're forever in its debt,' frontman Nate Ruess tells MTV News.

"We Are Young" is the song that made Fun. famous ... a signature smash that resonated across the globe, turned them into rock's next great hope and forever altered their lives. No matter what they do for an encore, it will be the one they're best remembered for, the song they'll play at every concert for the rest of their lives. And, no, they have absolutely no problem with that whatsoever.

"There's that old cliché of 'Are you going to get tired of playing it?' And, yeah, sometimes we do get tired of playing it, but we never get tired of the fact that it exists," frontman Nate Ruess said. "And that alone gives us a shot of confidence, and reinvigorates us. It's amazing everything that's happened because of that song, and, honestly, we're forever in its debt."

Fittingly, "We Are Young" is up for both Record and Song of the Year at this Sunday's Grammys (just two of the six total noms Fun. snagged) ... and that means that between now and the show itself, they'll be asked repeatedly about the song's success. And while you might think that'd be a rather annoying distraction during the lead-up to music's biggest night, Fun. are actually using it as an opportunity to actually slow down, and look back at just how far they've come.

"I mean, this year started with us playing the Inauguration, and that was the craziest thing on, like, a list of crazy things that have happened to this band," Ruess said. "We haven't had any time to really reflect on everything, so in a way, I guess this will be as good a time as any. Either that or, like, in 20 years when we finally get a chance to look back on all of this."

And while Fun. wouldn't speculate on their chances of sweeping the Grammy's biggest categories, they did say they that, win or lose, they're determined to pour everything into their performance. After all, what more fitting way to pay tribute to "We Are Young" than with a rousing send-off in front of their idols?

"The only thing that's going through my head right now is playing, and crushing that song, that's the number one thing, especially on a show that's so widely watched, and in a room where Jack White and Tom Waits are going to be sitting there ... I mean, come on," guitarist Jack Antonoff said. "It will be an honor, you know, we love rock music so much; we love everything that comes along with it, and that's something we can't be shy about. We're a rock band, it's what we are, it's what we'll always be, with or without the Grammys. And to break a few records here or there, it feels like we're speaking for the group that doesn't always have a voice."