The 5 'Unite' NYC With DJ Drama-Led Mixtape

Rap group The 5 tells Mixtape Daily they're bring five boroughs together with Revolutionary Suicide Vol. 3.

Fire Starter: The 5

New York stands as the Mecca of hip-hop, with star artists emmerging from Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island. Whether it was Jay-Z, Nas, Cam'ron, Big Pun or the Wu-Tang Clan, each of the city's five boroughs have at least one torch-holder, and now the city has one single group that can wave rap's flag for the entire Big Apple.

It's too early to make any grand proclamations, but The 5 can potentially become NYC's next big thing. The group is comprised of five different members, each one representing their own borough. There's Fasho from Queens, G-Light from Brooklyn, Mr. AdoLane from Bronx and Young Stat, from the usually under-represented Staten Island. Streetz, the group's Manhattan representative, was locked up shortly after the group was formed last year due to a parole violation, but that hasn't stopped The 5 in laying the foundation for what they hope to be an iconic career.

"If you look at the history in hip-hop, there's been Bronx against Queens, Brooklyn beefin' with Manhattan; there's never been the unity," Mr. AdoLane explained to Mixtape Daily. "To bring New York back, to take it to its further aspect, there's gotta be that unity and that's what the 5 represents — unity."

The group's latest mixtape, Revolutionary Suicide Vol. 3, is helmed by DJ Drama and was released as a part of his iconic Gangsta Grillz series. The kinetic intro "All We Do Is" sets the table for the 16-track ride, which is filled with street-drenched, riot starters. "4 A.M. Shots" is a dramatic crime ode, complete with cinematic gun effects blended into the beat, while "Money Over Here" is a smooth get-money boast.

"Just like 50 had that Get Rich or Die Tryin' that's how far we willing to take it," AdoLane explained of the urgency in the tape's title and overall sound.

Originally the group's five members (and Banger, the unofficial sixth member and hypeman) knew each other through their street ties, but it was the squad's manager and book author Frank C. Matthews (also known as Big Christ) who first came up with the idea to unite the MCs and ultimately the city's boroughs in 2012. "We were all hungry and we were all looking for a way out the streets," said Fasho.

"It's a blessing, but we've been grinding," said BK's G-Light. "This is big for us, because we're trying to unite our city as a whole."

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