Frank Ocean Has Macklemore's Vote At The Grammys

'Frank Ocean is ahead of our time, in terms of how free he is as an artist,' MC says, choosing Channel Orange for Album of the Year.

Grammy night is inching ever closer, and while fans have picks for the artists they want to see dominate in the top categories on music's biggest night, fellow musicians have pretty strong opinions as well.

Two of the most coveted awards handed out Sunday night will be Album of the Year and Record of the Year, and breakout stars Macklemore and Ryan Lewis want to see Frank Ocean and Fun. shine brightly.

Ocean is nominated for Album of the Year with his critically acclaimed debut Channel Orange, and he'll face off against Fun.'s Some Nights, the Black Keys' El Camino, Jack White's Blunderbuss and Mumford & Sons' Babel, but if Macklemore has his say, it's Ocean all the way.

"I'mma go with Frank Ocean," the Seattle rapper told MTV News when asked for his prediction. "I just think he's ahead of our time, in terms of how free he is as an artist, and he created an album that's cohesive yet pushing the boundaries. He's himself. You get that by listening to the music. It's different. I'm a fan."

When it came to Record of the Year, there was a little more debate between Macklemore and his producer Ryan Lewis. "Record of the Year I would split between 'We Are Young' and 'Somebody That I Used To Know,' " Lewis said of the competing tracks from Fun. and Gotye. "One of the things I like about Fun., they're phenomenal pop anthem writers — 'We Are Young' has its own essence — but on the flipside, you have 'Somebody That I Used to Know,' which was just a smash hit."

So what's the verdict then? While Lewis couldn't make a final decision, Macklemore was able to sort through the intricacies and make an official pick. "It's tough," he said, considering Gotye's video for a moment. "Gotye — his teeth and his mouth in the video are really weird. Great video, weird teeth, weird lips, weird mouth, but for some reason, it's compelling. He's got an interesting thing going on.

"It's very up close, you're in his grill," he continued, clearly a bit unnerved by the visuals. "You watch it, you feel like you wish you had a toothbrush, but you don't. But you like the fact that his teeth are weird and slightly vampire-ish." With all that said, he didn't choose the Belgian/Australian pop star for the win. "I'mma give it to Fun., though."

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