Melissa McCarthy's 'Identity Thief' Fight Bloodied Up Jason Bateman... Kinda

Actors tell MTV News how McCarthy ended up on pavement.

Moviemaking is obviously a lot of smoke and mirrors, but there's an equal amount of sweat and tears that go into making those illusions look as real as possible. For the new comedy "Identity Thief," Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman went hand-to-hand in order to make believable fight scenes between their two characters, and when MTV News spoke with them about the stunt work, we found out just how real those bouts could be.

"We hurt each other the most, for real, and the most exhausting," McCarthy said. "You're just covered in bruises and muscles are ripped."

Bateman joked that the work would have been easier if the pair hadn't been on such good terms. "It would be easier if we didn't like each other," he said. "I've worked with some people that I didn't like that I wish I was in a wrestling scene with. You just kind of 'oops' your way through a few takes and really hurt them."

The comment confused McCarthy, who recalled a day when Bateman "oops" his way through one of their scenes.

"Someone 'didn't remember' slamming me into the highway, which is not in the movie. He slammed me down," she said. "This is how it happened. I fell violently, about five feet. I got some air. Everyone was, 'Oh my God.' We cut. He bursts out laughing, and he goes, 'What did you fall on?' I said, 'Why don't you go watch the tape and see what I fell on. Then I hear, 'Oh my God, I'm sorry.' He comes running back, because in the craziness and the adrenaline, he did not remember that he grabbed me and literally threw me."

The karmic revenge came quickly, however, because not soon after McCarthy's spill, Bateman had an accident of his own.

"Then soon after that somebody got a bloody nose," McCarthy said.

"Inappropriate," Bateman said. "There's nothing funny about a bloody nose. You can't justify that."

"To me, there was."

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