Justin Timberlake Unveils 20/20 Experience Track List And Cover!

JT's first album since 2006's FutureSex/LoveSounds has 10 tracks, including 'Suit & Tie' and two songs he played at a Super Bowl party.

[artist id="xx"]Justin Timberlake[/artist]'s superstar vision is 20/20 these days, and he's putting that to the test on his new album artwork for The 20/20 Experience, due March 19. In the black-and-white, steampunk-esque cover photo, Timberlake is decked out in — what else? — a suit and tie while taking an eye test.

The newly re-minted pop star also revealed the full track list for his first album since 2006's FutureSex/LoveSounds, and the 10 tracks include his "Suit & Tie" single, along with the two female-focused songs he debuted at a [article id="1701273"]Super Bowl charity party[/article] on Saturday: "Pusher Love Girl" and "That Girl."

Next up for Timberlake's 20/20 promotional push is a Grammy performance Sunday night. In an [article id="1701355"]interview[/article] with Ryan Seacrest on Monday, JT kept [article id="1701045"]his Grammy plans[/article] under wraps. "I'm still in the process of figuring all of it out," he said. "That was kind of a whirlwind. We got a phone call, got confirmed ... I'm like, 'Oh, wait, I should put something together.' So I'm the process of doing something right now."

Timberlake also booked a [article id="1701243"]post-Grammys concert[/article] at the Hollywood Palladium later that night.

Check out the complete 20/20 Experience track list below:

» "Pusher Love Girl"

» "Suit & Tie"

» "Don't Hold the Wall"

» "Strawberry Bubblegum"

» "Tunnel Vision"

» "Spaceship Coupe"

» "That Girl"

» "Let the Groove Get In"

» "Mirrors"

» "Blue Ocean Floor"

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