Justin Bieber 'Went In' On Juicy J Collaboration 'Lolly'

'It shows he can sing, dance, rap,' Juicy tells MTV News of new Maejor Ali track featuring verse from Bieber.

Just when we thought Justin Bieber's rapping alter ego had been put to rest, Shawty Mane was resurrected this week on "Lolly," a brand-new and very NSFW track from Maejor Ali, with Juicy J.

Among the less juicy lines on the track, Bieber raps about his love for Pellegrino and wooing other guys' ladies, "Gotcha your girlfriend at my crib, watching NetFlix," on the swagged-out tune.

When MTV News caught up with Juicy J, he revealed he never had any reservations about jumping on the song with Bieber.

"[Maejor Ali] hit me up, man. He's like he's got this record with Justin Bieber he wanted me to do a verse on it," Juicy told MTV News about the buzzy new release. "He was like 'Man, I think this would be crazy... me, you and Justin Bieber,' which I thought was a great idea too. It's like people are shocked right now. They're like 'What the ...?' He sent me the instrumental and I did my verse to it."

Juicy added that all he needed to know was that Maejor (formerly known as Bei Maejor) was the guy producing it to know that it was a guaranteed hit.

"I knew it was going to be dope. He's a dope producer, a dope songwriter. Anything he does is dope so before I even heard the song I knew it was going to be crazy," he said. "So, I would have jumped on it, man. I'm a hustler. I love making good records and good music."

Bieber, who previously worked with singer/songwriter Maejor Ali on the 2012 Believe track "One Love," has rapped a handful of times in the past, including an appearance on Sean Kingston's "Won't Stop," long ago dubbing his rhyming alter-ego Shawty Mane. But this marks his most mature entry into the genre. If anything, Juicy believes it shows off just how much skill Bieber has.

"I love it, man. He went in, man. It shows he can sing, dance, rap," Juicy said. "He's talented. He's talented."

Bieber has been making all kinds of headlines this week. He just topped the Billboard charts this week with Believe Acoustic, marking his fifth #1 album in his career. And, he's set to pull double duty on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. No word on if Shawty Mane will make any appearances.