Trinidad James 'Did Everything A-Town' For 'All Gold' Remix Video

'Why not do the remix with ATL legends?' James tells MTV News of filming with T.I., Young Jeezy and 2 Chainz.

With a certified smash on hand in "All Gold Everything," the next logical move for Trinidad James was to issue a remix to the song, but the Atlanta rapper made sure to do it right, recruiting a few legends from his hometown — T.I., Young Jeezy and 2 Chainz — all of whom joined him on the set for the accompanying video.

"I did everything A-Town just to show people that I love where I come from. I still do," James told MTV News from the video set in Atlanta last week. "That's why I had to start off the year right, why not do the remix with ATL legends?"

For T.I., appearing on the remix and video was simply a matter of pride in the city he helped to put on the hip-hop map. "When Atlanta first came out, it made a huge impact on the scene, but it was thought to be something that was gonna be fly-by-night — here today gone tomorrow, and we withstood the test of time," Tip explained between filming shots.

"Trinidad is an example of that new generation of what's next to come, because there's still a lot of talent out here," he said. "He's gonna be one of the ones spearheading the charge to the future."

2 Chainz was feeling the hometown pride as much as he was feeling, well... the gold. "Big up to Trinidad James and what he's doing. It's just an honor to be asked to get on this song," he said. "Of course I'm one of the people that enjoys wearing gold a lot, so the verse was easy."

The ATL rappers took to the streets to film portions of the video, which made it easy for fans to come out and celebrate with their hometown heroes, plus get some on-camera time.

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