The Wanted Move To Hollywood For 'Fly-On-The-Wall' Reality Show

Max George offers up apologies to future neighbors ahead of filming their E! series.

The Wanted are ready to bring their brand of fun-loving boy-band antics to the small screen later this year.

The guys confirmed on Wednesday (February 6) that have just signed a deal with E! for their own reality show, set to air this June, tentatively titled, "The Wanted Life." Max George called into Ryan Seacrest's radio show the same day the deal was announced to open up about the program.

"We're moving into Hollywood into a big house. We're not actually too sure where yet... for a certain period of time doing a bit of filming, bit of fly on the wall. I feel so sorry for [the neighbors], apologies now if it is you! We're all really excited about it," he shared, noting that while some of the guys may maintain their homebase, he and Jay McGuiness might not always be easy to find.

He added, "Normally it's me and Jay spend quite a lot of time outside of our own home for whatever reason, so I think me and Jay will be doing a lot of staying elsewhere... Mattress surfing?" he laughed.

The party-loving fivesome are all mostly of age to party here in the states, except Nathan Sykes, but George isn't too worried about it. "Listen, he'll be fine," he said. "We will sort it out."

While filming has yet to begin, manager Scooter Braun confirmed that some of the show has already been shot. "i have seen the pilot episode... trust me...get ready to love these guys and die laughing. @TheWanted on E! coming VERY SOON!" he tweeted about the forthcoming series, with producer Seacrest adding, "We're gonna put @TheWanted in a house here in LA for a couple months w/ every faith they'll behave themselves. #TheWantedOnE."

The Wanted are the latest musical act to get a show on the network. Jonas Brother Kevin ("Married To Jonas") and The Saturdays ("Chasing The Saturdays") already have programs on E!, which tracks their personal and professional lives. The Wanted's show comes just as they prepare to launch the next chapter of their career.

They will drop their new single, "All Time Low," on Wednesday, before releasing a brand-new track sometime this summer. "We've gone a little kind of back in time for us anyway, a song that people might be familiar with. We've done a little bit of a twist on it. We've never released it in the U.S.," he said. "It's a good band song."

In addition to chatting about the series, George also addressed about some lingering gossip. First up, he shared that the feud between The Wanted and One Direction is over. "No... it was alright. We didn't seem them in the end, but everything's ok," he said. "There's been no backlash from them since so I think we're all ok."

And, George says while he hasn't spoken to Lindsay Lohan in a while, they are still pals. He said, "Yeah, we're still friends. I think she's busy at the moment so I've not spoke to her for a bit."

So, that means, even with reality cameras following him around, he won't be shy when it comes to dating in La La Land. "I'm not that picky when it comes to Hollywood girls," he said. "There's something special about them."

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