Channing Tatum Fears 'Magic Mike' Sequel Without 'General' Soderbergh

Tatum tells MTV News he hopes director can come back for sequel.

You might want to put those dollar bills back in the bank for the time being. The long-simmering "Magic Mike" sequel is still only at the "maybe it'll happen" stage of the game.

There's a catch according to Magic Mike himself, Channing Tatum, isn't sure the film can happen without his pal and "Side Effects" director Steven Soderbergh involved with the project. "There are scripts [for those projects]. We're always working on them and I think that you'll probably see 'Jump Street 2' more than likely [first]," he told MTV News at the premiere of "Side Effects" last week in New York City, dashing hopes about the future of the "Magic Mike" franchise.

"You saw 'Jump Street' before 'Magic Mike' in the past," he continued. "I don't know, like look, I don't know if we can do 'Magic Mike 2' without our General [Soderbergh]. So it's hard. It's a hard situation to be in. Soderbergh says he'll produce it and we're like 'OK, what director's going to want to come on and like try and come behind you?'"

Soderbergh has already said that he's done with film. So that means he certainly won't be back in the director's chair to put his signature stamp on the sequel to the hit 2012 film about a bunch of male strippers with hearts of gold. It's been long rumored that Soderbergh's assistant director Greg Jacobs might take over directing duties. Tatum added, "It's hard. We're gonna figure it out; either [Soderbergh will] do it or maybe we won't do it. We'll figure it out."

While the project's status is still unknown, MTV News caught up with Tatum's co-star, Matthew McConaughey, at Sundance Film Festival last month. He seemed more hopeful about the sequel's fate. "I know it's something that's legitimately brewing," he shared, before adding what would to go down in the sequel to get him to sign on again.

"In the right way. It would be so much fun, but I would only be able to do to revisit Dallas if I really go 'OK, that's what he would be doing.' And Dallas can't become like all of a sudden obviously comedic," he explained. "I'd have to keep him the same tone. He's committed."

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