Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe': From Bieber Love To Grammy Nominations

Before Jepsen goes up against Grammy heavyweights, MTV News takes a look back at the history of her inescapable pop hit.

In 2012, no song was as inescapable as Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe."

With its orchestral samples, toe-tapping beat and flirty hook, it was Top 40 ear candy, launching Canada-born Jepsen to levels of superstardom known by very few people in the industry, except maybe her pal Justin Bieber.

Now, a year later, Jepsen's debut track (off her debut album Kiss and prior EP Curiosity) finds itself a player on one of the biggest stages in the music industry, up for two awards at Sunday's Grammy Awards.

Not only is it nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance, but it's also up for one of the night's biggest prizes, Song of the Year, where she faces competition from "The A Team" (Ed Sheeran), "Adorn" (Miguel), "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" (Kelly Clarkson) and "We Are Young" (Fun.).

The track's road to the Grammys has been paved with one success after another. After Bieber tweeted his approval of the song in December 2011, the tune went from relative obscurity to certifiable hit in early 2012, topping the charts, going viral and being parodied by just about everyone.

It made its debut on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on March 10, 2012, sitting at #38, right behind Big Sean's "Dance (A$$)." The chart position came weeks after Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale and Big Time Rush appeared in a YouTube clip together lip-synching the bubbly track. From there, the parodies didn't stop. Teams from Harvard, Duke, UConn, Syracuse and Southern Methodist University all had their own video versions of the song. As did the 2012 U.S.Olympic swimming team, Katy Perry and, yes, even James Franco.

"I was in London at the time I saw Katy's version of 'Call Me Maybe.' I think she was at Coachella when she shot it, which was really cool," Jepsen said in May 2012. "It was another surreal moment: Being in London was already crazy and then on top of it, to kind of see all the stars were reaching out and doing their versions as well, it was kind of like a cherry on top of the whole thing."

From there, its popularity grew and the song would eventually find a place at the top of the charts on June 23, kicking off nine consecutive weeks there before being knocked out by Flo Rida's "Whistle."

Months after "Call Me Maybe" had already become a career-making hit for the singer; she explained to us that she explored another side of herself on the song that just may take home Grammy gold on Sunday.

"Well, I think in truth I've never actually been brave enough to go and approach a guy that way," she told MTV News last summer. "But I kind of like to live vicariously through my music and be a braver version of myself in songs. And not only that, it's really, that kind of flirtatious nature, I think, is easy to kind of tap into and that imagination, it's easy to go there."

"Call Me Maybe" would eventually go on to sell 6,474,000 copies in the U.S. The video has nearly attracted 400 million views on YouTube since its debut last March. As if that wasn't enough, it was also named MTV's Song of the Year in December 2012.

Shortly after being crowned the Song of the Year, Jepsen reflected on her explosive 2012, telling MTV News, "When we worked on the song together, we were not expecting this year to turn out to be the crazy adventure that it is."

It's only a matter of days before Jepsen finds out if "Call Me Maybe" is also a Grammy winner. Perhaps the Recording Academy will call her to the stage ... maybe.

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