Super Bowl Commercials: The 10 Best Spots

'Iron Man,' 'Star Trek' dominate the big game's movie trailers, with Dwayne Johnson joining in to rock out as usual.

You didn’t tune into the Super Bowl just to see the Ravens beat the 49ers in a nail-biting finish. You didn’t tune in just to watch Beyoncé redeem the lip-synch heard ’round the world with one of the best halftime shows in recent history. And you certainly didn’t tune in solely for a 30-minute power-outage.

No, chances are that you tuned into the Super Bowl for the same reason we all tune into the Super Bowl: the commercials! And even if the 2013 crop wasn’t quite as flashy as previous years, there were still plenty of movie trailers and oddball spots well worth devoting your Sunday night to.

Read on for our 10 favorite Super Bowl spots of the 2013 game.

Audi, “Prom”: It’s not easy to pack an entire movie’s worth of story into one 60-second commercial, but the folks at Audi pulled it off. Their “Prom” spot is filled with all the subtle character nuances and interactions that you could ever hope to see from the greatest of teen-angst rom-coms.

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