Grammy For Ed Sheeran? He Doesn't Think So: 'Fun. Will Win'

'There was no other song bigger than that last year,' he tells MTV News of 'We Are Young.'

It's a song that became a top 10 hit in 10 countries, was the best-selling U.K. debut single in 2011 and made Ed Sheeran a household name in the U.S and gained him a Grammy nomination for Song of the Year. If we had to guess, we are pretty positive Sheeran is glad he wrote "The A Team."

In just over a week, the British singer will take the Grammy stage to perform alongside Elton John, and while one would think that would be a little nerve-racking, Sheeran said he's more afraid of the idea of winning a Grammy.

"I'm most nervous about that, having to do a speech — if I get to do a speech," Sheeran told MTV News. "I always leave people out of speeches. I always forget."

Even though Sheeran is a bit forgetful, that doesn't mean he'll come prepared. "I think if you write it down, you're expecting to win, and I'm not expecting to win," Sheeran said. "I think if I win, it will be a surprise. I probably will have one of those memorable speeches where I'm just like, 'Cheers!' "

Sheeran is up against some fierce competition: Fun.'s "We Are Young," Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe," Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" and Miguel's "Adorn." So if Sheeran doesn't think he's taking home the gold, who could it be? "I'm pretty sure Fun. will win. I think that song is great," Sheeran said of "We Are Young." "I think there was no other song bigger than that last year, and if you were gonna go by that, they'll win, but I'm usually good at calling these things."

Sheeran is fine placing his bet on Fun., since he's a supporter of the rock group, but there's a chance he could change his mind if he gets around to listening to his other rivals. "I am a fan of Fun., I've got the Fun. album, I think Fun. are great," Sheeran admitted. "I'm yet to really get into Miguel, but I've been told that I'm gonna love him."

Sheeran shouldn't count himself out just yet, but win or lose, we know one thing that Sheeran will go home with February 10. "I'm gonna get a Grammy tattoo if I win a Grammy," he said. "I'm gonna get one anyway. A nomination, man, it's the sh--."