Miley Cyrus Got 'Explicit' Recording With Da Internz

' Miley is turned up,' production team tells MTV News about her 2013 album release.

Miley Cyrus's enthusiasm for her 2013 album release can't be tamed. And, the folks she's enlisted to work on the album with her are feeling that kind of energy.

"Yo, first of all, Miley is nothing what we expected," Da Internz's Marcos "Kosine" Palacios told MTV News. "We expected her to be super reserved and so we were trying to be [that way to.] You know what I mean? She came in like 'What up? What y'all doing?' We like 'Oh, how you doing?' We had a good time! Miley is turned up!"

His Da Internz production partner, Ernest "Tuo" Clark, noted that Cyrus was much edgier than they could have ever imagined given her Disney pedigree. "You got to think about this, never met Miley Cyrus and she invites us over to her house and first time meeting her saying 'hi' is singing Big Sean['s] 'Dance, Dance, Dance,' [the] Nicki Minaj verse," he said, with Kos adding, "She sang the explicit version."

(Da Internz, of course, produced that Big Sean track more affectionately known as "Dance (A$$)".)

Tuo notes that her excitement was maintained throughout the entire session with the hit-making production team. "We was like, we was looking at her and she's like 'Hey! That's my song, nice to meet you.' We was like 'Oh man, nice to meet you.' It was different for us," he said. "But the project and the direction she's going, she's still staying to the roots but it's just she's grown now."

Cyrus has always set out to prove she's an individual, and this next release will certainly prove she's carving out on her musical path. Tuo added, "She's grown now and she's exploring different things and it's definitely a new sound, it's not nothing that's mocked. She's not trying to be like another actress out here. She's just having fun on her records. She's, like, full of energy and just having fun right now."

In fact, she's so full of energy that she admitted on Twitter that she "can't sleep" because she's so excited for the album. "Dayum this record is getting crazy. @fucktyler @therealjuicyj @MacMiller @Pharrell @TheDoctorLuke @DaInternz @PopWansel @Oakwud. Ps that's just a glimpse in to the record. Can't sleep," she wrote.

Despite some of those hip-hop heavy collaborations, Miley, who just signed to RCA Records, previously shared that her intention wasn't about delving that deep into the genre. She said of her Tyler, the Creator track, "I really didn't want to make a hip-hop record, and I'm not trying at all to be a Rihanna or a Nicki [Minaj]....That's not my vibe."