Happy Groundhog Day! Time To Relive Bieber's Beats And Harry Styles' B-Day

Did Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow? Who cares! We'll have Justin Bieber serenading us through the day.

It's Groundhog Day! Obviously the most important day of the year, February 2 has us squealing at a roly-poly Phil, dealing with the looming six weeks of winter and imagining what it would be like to the live the day as Bill Murray (it's the 20th anniversary of his "Groundhog Day" movie, by the way). But instead of stepping in the same puddle day after day, MTV News is recreating a Groundhog Day where Justin Bieber plays on repeat and Beyoncé blows away haters time and again.

Take a break from pre-Super Bowl analysis and relive this week's best moments with MTV News:

As Long As You... See Your Shadow

Tuesday saw the release of Believe Acoustic, so we've been hearing his unplugged tunes nonstop. From a stripped-down cover of "Boyfriend" to his new ode to Selena Gomez, it's been a solid week with a bout of Bieber Fever. So if Saturday is just a repeat of the past few days, we'd be more than willing to listen again and again. And we can bet Mike Tyson will be singing along.

Beyoncé's Star-Spangled Encore

It seemed like Thursday was already Groundhog Day when Beyoncé sang the national anthem again at a Super Bowl press conference. Even though she admitted she lip-synched at Obama's inauguration, she took the stage to redeem herself with "The Star-Spangled Banner" — because she's Beyoncé, so she can. With big Broadway gestures, gospel-like runs and an epic endnote for the haters, there's nothing to get sick of.

Harry Styles Is Forever Young

If One Direction's Harry Styles had to relive his 19th birthday again, he probably wouldn't mind. All the more fan art for him! And because Groundhog Day enables a "Tuck Everlasting" magic, Harry could possibly be young forever. Although 20 years from now, that might be an awkward 1D reunion.

Which 2013 would you want to relive on Groundhog Day? Leave your ideas in the comments!

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