Sylvester Stallone Calls 'Bullet To The Head' Ax Fight 'A Bad Idea'

At the premiere, action legend explains to MTV News the challenges of headlining a movie.

NEW YORK — At San Diego Comic-Con last year, Sylvester Stallone appeared onstage as the leader of a ragtag bunch of action heroes for the "Expendables 2" panel. During the presentation, Sly said that the impetus for the team-up was a need to make the heroes of yesterday marketable today — a type of "live together, die alone" mentality.

Having proven that the stars of '80s action classics can fill seats together, Stallone sets out to show he can still do it by himself in this weekend's "Bullet to the Head," only weeks after a fellow "Expendable," Arnold Schwarzenegger, failed to do so with his big return "The Last Stand."

At the red-carpet premiere for "Bullet to the Head" in New York City, MTV News asked Stallone what it takes to dominate the box office at the ripe age of 66.

"It's really a crapshoot," Stallone said. "If you're going to be the topliner, you better surround yourself with some interesting characters because no man is an island anymore. It's very, very risky."

What's changed, according to Stallone, is the audience awareness. "It's really interesting how the audience has become so acutely aware of things and sensitive to it," he said. "They know when they're being put on, so you have to give them something either original or something old-fashioned that is interesting."

For "Bullet to the Head," that partially meant having an over-the-top ax fight against "Game of Thrones" star Jason Momoa as a finale. "We've used about every weapon there is, couches, pillows, guns, bow and arrow. I thought 'axes,' " Stallone said. "It was a bad idea."

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