50 Cent Shuts Down G-Unit Reunion: 'I Decide'

'What would you say if I actually did put it together and then it fell apart right in front of you?' Fif says, addressing G-Unit rumors.

When it comes to G-Unit, 50 Cent might as well be Taylor Swift, because according to the music mogul his merry band of musical misfits is never ever getting back together.

"You're not gonna get nothing back together. I decide that. I do what I want to do. I don't give a f--- what they talking about on a blog post," Fif told AOL's The Boombox in an article published on Friday (February 1).

The crew hasn't recorded together in any capacity since 2008 but has come up in the news a lot lately. On Thursday, former G-Uniter Game began promoting an online petition to get the five-man rap group back together. At one point, the group's roster included original members 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, as well as Young Buck and Game.

The West Coast spitter has had a long-running feud with Fif since 2005 and Buck was ousted in 2008 when the group released their sophomore LP T.O.S: Terminate On Sight. Last week, Tony Yayo admitted that he himself wanted to see a reunion between the three founding G-Unit members, but ruled out having Game and Young Buck rejoin the fold. "When everybody got money, it's like things just went downhill, so it's like, I dunno, egos," Yayo said trying to give some sort of context to the rift. "I would love to see a G-Unit reunion. I would love to see me, Banks and 50 definitely onstage."

50 for one, doesn't want to rehash any old wounds between the once warring MCs by reuniting with Game and YB. "If it worked it would be something cool that I did," he told AOL. "[But] what would you say if I actually did put it together and then it fell apart right in front of you? Or if I bring them around each other and their feelings from a long time — the disrespect and the talking — bleed over into the people that are just around them and then one of them gets shot and killed, or one of them gets stabbed and hurt bad. Then what?"

Do you believe G-Unit can put all of their differences behind them or is 50 Cent right? Let us know in the comments!