'World War Z' Super Bowl Spot Debuts New Breed Of Zombie

Latest trailer for the Brad Pitt flick promises the undead like we've never seen before.

It only seems appropriate that for this weekend's big game we also get a preview for what may be the biggest zombie yet.

A Super Bowl spot for "World War Z" places Brad Pitt and his family right in the middle of a global catastrophe. As we saw in the first trailer, these walking sprinting, tumbling, climbing dead are unlike any of the hordes we've seen in recent years. And either the powers that be have not been keeping up with "The Walking Dead" or didn't study enough George A. Romero during their youth, because they're having a hard time calling whatever's taking over the world "zombies."

To be fair, director Marc Forster warned MTV News almost a year and a half ago that his take on zombies wouldn't be your typical reanimated corpse.

"In Max Brook's book they move in the George Romero fashion. I feel like we have a little bit different approach," he said. "But it doesn't exclude that they might not eventually be fashioned how George Romero's zombies move, it's just a little bit different approach. I think that will probably be the biggest discussions that there will be."

And that's right on the money, considering what we see in the Super Bowl ad. Though the 30-second spot is more or less the first trailer cut down for time, we get a better look at the original preview's most striking shot, a tower of zombies attempting to scale a wall.

With so many zombie movies, shows and video games around these days, a new fresh take on how they move is definitely a welcome concept.

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