Exclusive: Watch Seth MacFarlane Get Ready For The Oscars

Oscars host lists his favorite movies — including "From Justin to Kelly" — in this exclusive video.

Seth MacFarlane might be a family guy, but he's not much of a movie guy — not if we're judging by his very first movie memory, that is.

The "Ted" director and actor steps onto the stage of Hollywood's biggest night of the year this month as the host of the 85th Annual Academy Awards, airing live on February 24 at 7 p.m. ET. What the host has hiding up his sleeve for the main event is anybody's guess — judging purely on his back catalog, it's safe to say talking animals and musical numbers will be on prominent display — but if you want a preview of what MacFarlane's got in mind, look no further than MTV Movies' exclusive sneak peek at the Oscar.com video series "Seth Gets Ready for the Oscars."

Here are a few of the things we learned from Mr. MacFarlane in the video:

» Though he's been in and around Hollywood for over a decade now, MacFarlane's "first movie memory is 'Argo.' And I enjoyed it! I liked seeing Affleck with a beard," he joked.

» In all seriousness, MacFarlane has seen movies. His three all-time favorites are, in order, "The Sound of Music," "Defending Your Life," and ... "From Justin to Kelly." "Those are just three movies that stand the test of time for me," he said with a straight face. "They matter as much now as when they came out."

» Finally, MacFarlane believes it's entirely possible that R2-D2 is a female — and if you disagree, "that's because you have an outdated sense of morality. I bet you don't think women should be able to vote, either."

You can check out more of MacFarlane's adventures using the official Oscars app, which also provides breaking news, in-depth coverage of nominees and an interactive play-along ballot. On the day of the show, the app will allow users to direct their own Oscar-viewing experience through the Backstage Pass and almost 20 cameras placed backstage and on the red carpet.

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