One Direction Are Coming After Olly Murs' Job

'I was about five minutes late for soundcheck, and [Niall] was singing with my band pretending to be me,' Murs laughs to MTV News.

With his unique sense of style, million-dollar smile and perfectly catchy songs, Olly Murs is well on his way to becoming the next big pop star. His single, "Troublemaker," featuring Flo Rida, continues to climb the charts as he gears up for his much-anticipated U.S. debut, Right Place Right Time, in April.

So is Murs ready for Stateside fame? MTV News recently caught up with the singer, and while he said there was "no pressure" to succeed in the U.S., he would "love to do well."

Well, if Murs needs any guidance on how to gain fame overseas he doesn't have to look too far for inspiration: He's pretty close with his former U.K. "X Factor" contestants, One Direction.

"They are all great guys. They are really nice lads to have around," Murs said. "And their success they've had and achieved is well-deserved. I like the lads a lot. I get on with them."

Murs hit the road with One Direction on their sold-out U.S. tour in 2012, and while he described the experience as just like "being on tour with your mates," he did have to watch his back when it came to a certain member of 1D.

"Me and Niall get on so well. He almost reminds me of what I was like when I was his age, even though I'm not that old, but he reminds me of what I was like: cheeky, chappy, having a laugh. He just talks to everyone, gets along with everyone," Murs said. "And one day, I was about five minutes late for soundcheck, and I was thinking the band is already playing and Niall was on there after he soundchecked, and he was singing with my band pretending to be me, and I was like, 'Hey!' I was like, 'I've lost my job then,' so Niall was taking my job."