Consequence 'Talks So Loose,' Pusha T Complains

'People don't ever talk to me like that,' Pusha tells MTV News of Cons' G.O.O.D. Music beef.

Consequence has made no secret of his disdain for Kanye West and the G.O.O.D. Music team over the past couple years, but last week he really took it above and beyond, lashing out at 'Ye and crew in a scathing radio interview.

Pusha T fired back on Twitter, but he tells MTV News that he has no personal beef with Cons; he just thinks that the Queens rapper speaks a bit too loosely sometimes.

After airing out some details about Kanye and Kim Kardashian's early hook ups and griping that he didn't receive a phone call or present from the couple when his own son was born, Cons moved onto the rest of G.O.O.D. Music, taking shots at Big Sean and accusing Pusha T of stealing his style.

Ever outspoken, Pusha shot back at Consequence, referencing his overbite and hinting that Yeezy paid for it. "Confucius says if a man purchased the very teeth u have in your mouth, u should NEVER speak ill of that man...," he wrote.

Still, Pusha maintains that there's no deep rift between himself and the former G.O.O.D. Music signee. "It's nothing really personal with me, at all," he said, adding that it's Consequence who continues to take jabs. "It's just that he talks so loose. People don't ever talk to me like that, never. Never. People don't say those types of things to me. People don't do that to me."

Consequence was departing from his post at G.O.O.D. Music around the time that Pusha T was signed, which meant that they've previously spent time together in the studio. "Me and Cons have sat in the studio, we've worked on records together, there's never been an issue," Push said. "I've never had no issues with Consequence. It's really out the blue, but at this point I really believe that it's just a tactic to stay relevant and stay in the mix, you know? He wants a spin off. Maybe that's what it is."

"It's music, it's rap and I'm sure he's trying to get a spinoff or whatever it is," he added. "But I just gotta make fun of it. It's a joke."

Consequence currently appears on the third season of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop" along with his girlfriend Jen The Pen.

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