Super Bowl Showdown: All Time Low Rep For The Ravens

Baltimore Ravens' superfans All Time Low predict a win for their team at Sunday's big game.

You can't blame All Time Low guitarist Jack Barakat for being a tad distracted ... after all, not only are his beloved Baltimore Ravens playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday, but, just moments before MTV News called him to get his prediction for the big game, well, he received some rather amazing news:

"A good friend of mine, his stepdad just texted me and said 'Hey do you want to come to the Super Bowl? You've just got to figure out a flight,' " Barakat laughed. "And I was like 'Uh, f--- yeah!' So now I'm on, trying to find a flight. I've already got my lucky Ray Lewis jersey packed."

And so, while Barakat searched for flights, he tried his best to fill us in on how he and his ATL-mates became diehard Ravens fanatics. And even though the band hails from nearby Towson, Maryland, he said that it wasn't until fairly recently that they started paying attention to football. Which means that when the Ravens won Super Bowl XXXV in 2001, he didn't even get a chance to celebrate.

"I was like 10 when they won their first Super Bowl. Back then, you know, I wasn't really into football," Barakat laughed. "It all kind of started for me during the the [head coach John] Harbaugh/Joe Flacco/Ray Rice era, when we became a good team again ... we all really got into it as soon as we started touring a lot, and we were watching the games every week, which can be kind of difficult when you're sitting in a hotel room in Japan or Australia, in different time zone, trying to use illegal websites to stream the game; but we do our best."

So, as a recent addition to the Ravens' flock, winning Super Bowl XLVII would be even sweeter for Barakat. And though he's not taking his team's opponent in the big game (the San Francisco 49ers) lightly, he's predicting a victory for Baltimore on Sunday.

"I don' think we've faced a defense like [the 49ers] this year, and [quarterback Colin] Kaepernick, you can't really practice for that guy; he can either chuck it 40 yards or run it, like, 60," he said. "It's going to be a hard game ... but I'm going to say the final score will be 32-27, Ravens. I think Flacco will have a big game, he's been playing really well, but I think Kaepernick will also have a big game. So I think it's going to come down to Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard, our safeties, making big plays."

And if the Ravens manage to win the Super Bowl, how will Barakat celebrate? Well, since he'll probably be down in New Orleans to witness it first hand, he's planning on pulling out all the stops.

"Well, our last single was called 'For Baltimore,' so I'm trying to think what else we can do," he said. "I may dye my hair purple. F--- it, man, why not?"

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