Porter Robinson Snatches Up 'Future Internet Poets' For New Album

DJ/producer chats with MTV News before embarking on his Circle Assembly Tour.

Porter Robinson had quite the year in 2012. After remixing for the likes of Lady Gaga and Avicii and performing alongside Tiësto and Skrillex, the standards are high for 2013, and the 20-year-old DJ is up for the challenge. Robinson explained to MTV News the many ways in which this upcoming year will be a stylistic upgrade for him and his fans, starting in February with his Circle Assembly Tour.

Circle Assembly kicks off Friday in San Francisco, and will make stops in Los Angeles, Toronto and New York City. According to Robinson, this four-show stint will be the "perfect, distilled version" of his routine DJ show. Even the circle imagery in the tour's mysterious title was a carefully deliberated choice and he admitted it points to his geometric obsession.

"A circle is not a very played-out or a tripe shape," Robinson said. "Like a 'Triangle Assembly' is something that would make people roll their eyes because a triangle is aesthetically so ubiquitous."

Since all the show's profits go directly toward sound and lighting production for the ultimate house experience, the rest of Circle Assembly should be well worth the hype.

After Robinson's NYC show (the tour's last leg), it will be back to the drawing board to finish up his album. The inspiration for his work is unconventional to say the least, as the main source of Robinson's creativity was extracted from a collection of smartphone notes he made over the course of a year.

"Whenever anything gave me a sense of beauty or divinity, I would take note of it in my iPhone," he said. "I had this massive collection of things that gave me chills, and I sampled from that and took from that to try and write this album. That, to me, was the most beautiful music I could write."

He admits the album has taken weird turns here and there, but the hour and half of music is his favorite of anything he's written in the past.

The other big difference for Porter Robinson this time around is his choice of vocalists, which he claims is one of the biggest challenges of working on electronic music. Not always onboard with the conventional pairings EDM has seen in the past, Robinson chose the indie, alternative route. His collaborators? He describes them as the "future Internet poet people" and his "favorite Tumblr artists."

Also in "concept land" for Robinson is a brand-new show technique for use post-Circle Assembly that fans can really get hyped for. Without teasing much, Porter insists his fans would never resist his creative evolution, therefore giving him the ability to constantly push forward artistically, which is exactly what he has planned.

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