Kat Dahlia Is Prepping 'Swaggy' Follow-Up To 'Gangsta'

Up-and-comer opens up to MTV News about her new track, 'Fireman,' dropping next week and her 2013 debut album.

Kat Dahlia is an open book. The up-and-comer has been setting blogs ablaze with her dark ode to her childhood, "Gansta." And, she's making no apologies for what she's willing to sing about.

"I think that 'Gangsta' was definitely therapeutic," she told MTV News about the track. The slow-burning, R&B-influenced jam is all about the Florida native's youth and the struggles her family faced. On it she recalls, "No, I ain't stuntin' like my daddy / He's living with my grammy / Used to be a big baller / He's surviving off of gambling / But I love him, he's my daddy / Yeah, I love him, he's my daddy / Put him in a big house before I ever see a Grammy."

"I was definitely going through a lot at the time and I'll tell you, people always have something going on and everybody finds their own therapy," she continued about the track. "And that was definitely something where I sat down and really just vented about. I'm not embarrassed about it at all. I'm an open person generally. I definitely wear my heart on my sleeve and I don't have a problem doing that. Honesty is always the best way to go."

But, Kat insists she's more than just hard-edged tracks, and her debut album, out this year, will show off her many sides. "So there's a new song I'm dropping. 'Fireman' next week, and that's definitely a good precursor," she teased. "I'm also dropping like a bundle of three songs in the next month or so, and it's definitely going to be a great preview to what you're going to see on the album."

She noted that when she does drop her debut, which includes some production help from Salaam Remi, some of those tracks will sound like "Gangsta" and others, well, won't.

"There's definitely an evolution in my music, not just music in general, an evolution in my music so you're going to hear things that are really deep on my album and also very worldly," she said. "And then you might hear something that's a little more chilling, swaggy, vibey ... nothing that's too left."