'Young Beyonce'? Coco Jones Welcomes The Comparisons

15-year-old singer channels Queen B in her debut single, 'Holla at the DJ.'

Considering her debut single has more than a million views on YouTube, she's starred in her own Disney film and her first EP is coming out next month, it's pretty safe to assume that things are going well for 15-year-old Coco Jones.

Jones, the daughter of former NFL star Mike Jones, got her big break back when she was in fourth grade after taking the football field alongside her dad.

"I sang the National Anthem for a game when I was 9," Jones told MTV News. "And the video got a million views, went viral, and some of the people that watched it was Radio Disney."

After competing on Radio Disney's "NBT" (Next Big Thing), she went on to star in "Let It Shine," a Disney channel movie, last year.

But now she's looking to shine on her own. Her debut single, "Holla at the DJ," a club-ready party anthem, already has over a million views on YouTube.

The video finds Jones showing off dance moves that are a bit reminiscent to Beyoncé's jaw-dropping moves in the video for "Single Ladies." In addition to the moves, the "Single Ladies"-esque black-and-white setup was meant to make the clip as "energetic and powerful" as possible. The comparison to Beyoncé is one Jones accepts gladly.

"I can compare myself to a young Beyoncé 'cause my songs are very energetic and powerful," Jones said. "But I also have those really good ballads, so I can say a young Beyoncé."

No doubt Jones will be watching Beyoncé during the Super Bowl Halftime show, and since Jones is a professional singing at football events, she has some advice for her musical idol.

"Be yourself and you will kill it like yourself does every performance," Jones advised. "Love you!"

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