Lady Gaga Tells Fans To 'Plan A Party' For ARTPOP Release

Album isn't expected to drop before September.

Lady Gaga isn't making any promises about when her long-awaited third studio album, ARTPOP,
 will drop, but when it does she plans to celebrate.

"Don't worry. Nerdface Killah is studio stuntin," she tweeted on Tuesday along with a picture of her in a mousy brown wig, oversized black hat and giant eyeglasses. "Man I love making records."

She followed up with some very specific instructions for her Little Monsters on how to get ready for the disc. "Oh. And when I tell you the album release date, I suggest you plan a party with your friends. Maybe I will too :)"

While she didn't give any more details on when work might be completed, last week MTV News spoke to pal and former tourmate Zedd, who revealed
 that there is significant work left to do on the potentially two-disc set.

"The problem with her is obviously that I'm busy and I tour a lot, but she's probably a lot busier than I am, so it's hard to find time to work on something together," he said. "So we've been working on it for over a year now. There's still a lot of work left, so we're definitely gonna work on this project for the next month."

Citing multiple sources, Billboard recently suggested that the album might not hit until as late as September and that among the confirmed tracks is a sequel to the Beyoncé duet "Telephone,"
 which MTV reported in October.

Anticipation for the potential re-hook-up picked up steam earlier this month when Bey uploaded a photo of her wearing some "Ratchet" doorknocker earrings, two months after Gaga sported her own "Ratchet" hoops, seemingly confirming the name of the second collabo.